Indonesian National Glider

Foto bersama stakeholder pada workshop glider nasional 2016

Aerosport is a branch of sports which includes a range of aerial activities. This kind of sports have substantial amount of potential if developed well. Technological advancements and economic impact are few of many potential of the development of aerosport, especially in Indonesia. However, there are several obstacles, from the development itself and the current condition of aerosport in Indonesia.

Our goals in the development of Indonesian national glider is to improve aerosport activities in Indonesia. The glider is planned to be used in the gliding branch of PON (Local Sports Competition) and make appearance during PON XIX/2020 in Papua. The glider might led to other development, including but not limited to: two-seater training glider, motor glider, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The development of a single-seater mid-performance composite glider, named GL-1 started from 2014 . The developments team is consisted of several lecturers and students of Faculty of Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering (FMAE) ITB, led by Taufiq Mulyanto, and collaborating with an aircraft workshop in Pondok Cabe, South Tangerang. Details about the glider are in this page.

The milestones of the development are listed below :

  1. Early stage of development. 2007-2014
  2. Conceptual design by Hendi, as Magister Thesis in ITB. 2014-2015
  3. Half-scale prototype (BL-1). 2015
  4. Two-seater training motor-glider design concept. August-December 2016
  5. Workshop Pengembangan Pesawat Glider Nasional. 15 September 2016
  6. Presentation of publications in ISAST 2016. 20-22 September 2016
  7. First flight test of BL-1. 20 April 2017
  8. Visit to DKPPU (directorate general of civil aviation). Discussing glider regulation and Design Organisation Approvals (DOA). 15 May 2017
  9. Second flight test of BL-1. 21 May 2017
  10. Presentation of publication in ISAST 2017. 27-29 September 2017

Alongside the development of glider GL-1, we also conducted study in aerodynamics, composites structure and manufacture, and other aspects as well.